Our approach

Why we ask for help.

Since 2009 we have tested the effect of malaria prevention in several African countries – in schools, orphanages and day care centres. The results were so good that in 2013 the 'Africa Malaria Prevention Project' started. Through cooperation with schools, hospitals et cetera we support hundreds of thousands of children and study the results. 

In 2021 we reached almost half a million children – a beautiful milestone. That seems like a lot, but it is only a start. Around 200 million African children come into contact with malaria every day in a time they are also facing the impact of covid and food insecurity on their health!

How we help.

When treating and protecting children against infectious diseases and trauma, we use PC resonances – a new advance within homeopathy. The PC resonance used for malaria is very promising. 

Case studies and years of clinical experience involving thousands of patients show that:

  • the symptoms of malaria subside and disappear
  • no side effects or therapy resistance has been observed
  • the number of hospitalisations for malaria go down
  • absence periods in school went down and performance went up
  • and that providing PC malaria only costs 10 cents per child per year